Theme Parks of Central Florida

seaworld ride

The Theme Parks of Central Florida are all wonderful places to visit. Each one has it’s own appeal for individuals as it depends on whether you are an Adrenalin Junkie and are looking for the thrill of the fast rides that Universal’s Islands of Adventure has to offer or if you would rather enjoy the sights and shows closer to the ground!

We absolutely love SeaWorld. This park offers the whole family a chance to enjoy everything from the fast and thrilling rides to the fabulous shows and the cute sea creatures.

One of the best fast rides in Central Florida can be found at SeaWorld. Kraken takes you high, drops you fast and turns you in cork-screws until you are not sure which way is up! It is definitely not for the faint hearted but if you like this kind of ride you will certainly not be disappointed.

Another great ride at SeaWorld is Atlantis. This is a water ride (log flume type), but also has a section of railed roller coaster incorporated within it and a quite steep drop. Be prepared to get wet on this ride whether it is from the ride itself or the spectators who insist on aiming the water jets your way. A great way to cool down if the heat of the day is getting to you.

A new thrill ride has been introduced and if you like the ideal of being turned and held facing the ground for a while,…….try Manta. You will be tipped in every direction and twirled around in cork-screw fashion, but the thrill seekers say it’s awesome!

seaworld shows

There is much more to SeaWorld than just fast rides, so if this is not for you, go to the shows. The Dolphin and Sea Lion show "Blue Horizons" at the Dolphin Theatre is amazing. The trainers get the animals to perform such great tricks and they appear to love it. This show also features high wire aerial acrobats, divers and birds as well as the dolphins and sea lions. You will find that you miss so much because you are looking in the wrong direction, so we know that you will want to see it more than once if you have the time.

A real cheesy family laugh can be had at the Clyde and Seymore show. This features sea lions, otters and a huge walrus. The cast of this ‘pantomine’ type show are really funny and the children will have a ball. It’s also a chance to rest your weary legs and have a drink.

Shamu Stadium is where the big show of the killer whales takes place. These shows are stunning and there is more than one type of show most days, so if you see the afternoon show, you can always check back for the late evening show as it will probably be something different.

Dolphin Cove and The Dolphin Nursery is the place to see the dolphins up close and personal. Even when they are not in a show they are so comical to watch.

The Penguin House is great for getting a close view of all of SeaWorld’s penguins, from the huge King Penguins to the much smaller and cute Rock Hoppers who zoom about in the water and then appear to ‘fly’ out onto the rocks.

Coming in the Spring of 2013 is Antarctica - Empire of the Penguins where you will apparently be able to walk through their world! There will be four different species of penguin so I can’t wait to try this out.

This is just a brief outline of SeaWorld but there is so much more, so don’t forget to visit Pacific Point Preserve to see the sea lions (you can feed them too), Turtle Trek, Shark Encounter, the Wild Artic to see the polar bears, the beluga whales and the walrus, and also the Manta Aquarium.

If you want to know more about SeaWorld before you get to Orlando, visit their web-site where you will be able to get much more information about the park and it’s vast array of creatures……..